Will and I got married for the extra $1452 Navy pay

Navy Vet, 2004-2008, Honorably Discharged, AM3 I to have been SCREWED over by the navy. Did i like it HECK NO. Did o make the best of it HECK YEA. I personally do NOT see a problem with her getting married to have BAH BUT as long as she stays out of stouble and does what she is told at work. No counceling chits nothing. I think its a fair reward for staying out of trouble. I went in the navy wanting to be a MA and cause of my recruiter messing up on my paperwork i couldn't be a MA. so i made the best of it became a air framer and went ASF and worked as much as possible with the MA's..... I made the best of a bas situation. yes there was another time they royally screwed me over but actually to think about it it wasn't the NAVY that screwed me over but one B*#&h of a squadron doc. anyway i again made the best of a bad situation and did what i needed to do and got out with a honorable discharge without so much as a blemish counseling chit NOTHING on my record. its squeaky clean. i'm going to school and once i get my BA than i'm either getting a job or maybe of the navy will let me i'll go in as a officer. The navy isn't bad its some people that you come across. Yes at times it can be hell and you wish you could quit your job. But things always will get better one day. mine did. I think Maggie just couldn't hack it and decided to point the fingers at others. i'm glad she got out the navy OBVIOUSLY was NOT for her. as its not for everyone. As another person said what did she do to peruse her career as a JO. it seems to me she's not happy with herself and blames others. BUT now that she's out maybe she can go on with her life and try to do better. Just my 2 cents
— June 15, 2009 10:55 p.m.

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