Confessions of a Phony Navy Wife

As many of the other individuals that posted a comment on this article, I also served with Maggie in deck division. There was an individual that stated her asvab scores were too low to do anything other than undes, but you know just as well as I know it wasn't a matter of what you're capable of doing in the Navy. It's a matter of where that recruiter needs you and his numbers. Also I have seen her falling asleep studying for the JO exam. Not only that for every individual that thought she was stupid, was absolutely wrong. Simply b/c she played that role so no one would ask her to do things, and no one ever noticed when she was missing. There are many tedious task assigned to those in deck divison and no matter how motivated you are, you will get tired of it. Anyhow now that I've taken up for the supposed "dumb blonde". I think the article was decent, but you have far too much potential to waste your time whining about your past in the Navy. This is the point in your life you need to look foward and grab the attention of the general public. Honestly g/f 90% of your readers are "us" (mostly sailors that served with you). Your not going to make money exploiting the Navy b/c it's only interesting to a very small group, get America's attention! The only reason half of your readers stopped to read this was for gossip purposes, you've entertained the Navy long enough entertain the nation. DON'T LOOK BACK, BECAUSE YOUR NOT GOING THAT WAY". Congrats again fake ass bobble head! Moving Forward JaY
— May 14, 2008 9:54 p.m.

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