$100 for place to walk your dog? Not bad.

Your article's heading - Animals vs.Kids at Park and Washington - creates a false conflict, pitting animals against kids in the joint-use field park, when that is not the issue at all. Nor is the issue being able to pay a $100 ticket for the privilege of breaking the law. Dog owners who keep their dogs **ON-LEASH** are welcome at any time! Leashed dogs pee or poop where their owners can clean up after them. Leashed dogs don't dig holes in the turf field. Leashed dogs don't interrupt games by stealing balls and toys when kids/adults throw them. Leashed dogs don't body-slam kids when racing around the park, either from exuberance or chasing after a ball. Leashed dogs don't attack. Leashed dogs are supervised closely by their owner. There is **NO EXCUSE** for the blatant disregard of the posted signs which require that dogs be leashed when in the joint-use area. The example these people set for the students at Birney is a sad one - adults can spit in the face of any rule or law when they feel like it. It is a small example of a greater issue at hand in our country right now - if you can afford to pay the fine you can get away with anything! This is not what Birney's staff and parents want to teach their students - we are seeking to co-exist peacefully with the dog owners, which can be achieved if the dog owners will simply ***abide by the law***. Keep the dog on a leash and walk further with them if exercise is what they need.
— January 13, 2019 10:02 a.m.

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