The Old Spice Championship The San Diego Cavers vs. Fairfax. The score was a lopsided 83 to 39. Correct me if my wrong but either way fairfax won by 50%. How I got to the game is my story. I was trying to nap with my baby and struggled with my toddler to go to bed. Right about noon I got a call from Z90.3 saying I won the contest to go to the game. I wasn't really excited because I dont watch high school sports.Anyway I just chilled until my wife came home so I could get a break. When I got home she suggested instead of taking my stepkids to the game I should take her nephew eddie. I cant stand him and most of her nephews and nieces for the most part. I thought hell no. But she said and not in direct quotes that by taking him it would make her sister feel like I liked her family. Anyways I pick up the little guy at school. I say were going to a basketball game . He doesnt even get excited. I say were going to subway he says do we have to. I am keeping my cool the whole time. We get to subway and he so indecisive and doesnt know how to order. I tell sandwichmaker to just get whatever the kid wants to shut him up Im thinking silently. We leave subway on our way to the game. We get to the parking area around 600 p.m. We start to eat the sandwiches and I ask him what's his favorite sport? He replies by saying can we go to the house. I ignore that and proceed with the plan to get to the game. He wolfs down his sandwich while I look on happily knowing my money wasn't wasted on his ass. We get inside and sit behind the baskethoop . There was plenty of support for the home team. The fairfax team had little support. The game started fast with fairfax gaining the lead quickly and retaining it for the rest of the game. The home team had one superstar number one and a backup number 10. Home team was just outmatched in the number of teamplayers and stars. Fairfax had number 1 , 44, 20, 14 and a bunch of others. Their team was just unstoppable. They had a lot more players that they could alternate to keep their players fresh I think probably fifteen. While San Diego only had 7 players. Most had to play almost the whole game tired. The coaching staff of the cavers spent more time on coordinating their suits then they did on coordinating their team. The fairfax team had double coverage on the cavers almost every play.They also fouled the cavers star player on more than a several occasions. I guess they figured he would keep missing the freethrow shots. The coaching staff for fairfax were on their game. they had one coach instead of two chiefs like the cavers coordinated twin coaches. For all the home team support the cavers couldn't come back from that big deficit. The most entertaining thing was the cheerleaders for the cavers putting a good performance. Until next time this is mrseandaugherty signing off.
— January 23, 2009 10:09 p.m.

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