Filipino Rules

When I saw the cover of this week's issue, I was very excited. I grabbed it, read it and was sorely disappointed. Of all the stories that could feature the Filipino culture this was by far the WORST. The writer has no clue about what she's writing or why. Her story has no point (well said justulip) and represents all the negative stereotypes that Filipinos have had to face. The generalizations are degrading and ridiculous and have no bearing on the story. You are very naive if you think that this article is going to gain sympathy for you because of your strict parents. Many Filipinos growing up in San Diego have similar backgrounds but have embraced that fact that their parents have come here with the intent to provide a better life for their children. Instead of rebelling and blaming them for our problems, we respect them and have grown to be grateful and appreciative for everything they have done and continue to do. We make decisions based on the strong morals and ethics they've instilled regardless of ethnicity or cultural upbringing. We choose colleges, careers and spouses because that's what adults do. I know that you are very young but GROW UP. Your father's rules are strict because you obviously need them and disregard them constantly. All of your "stories" are examples of how you and your sister behaved inappropriately and how your father reacted. Of course your father was angry. ANY father from ANY ethnicity would be upset if his "angel" was brought home in handcuffs. What did you think was going to happen? Wehn you're mature enough to see that your own actions and selfishness is the problem, not your father, I'd love to see you grace the cover again. Until then, good'll need it.
— March 5, 2010 7:46 p.m.

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