What would it take to get you to ride the transit?

I have been using MTS services since 7/06, a couple months AFTER my car was towed due to too many unpaid parking tickets. (Oh, yeah. They DOUBLE after 2 months past due.) Cost $1000 to get the car out of impound, get insurance, and register my plates. O.K!! I FORGOT to take care of a few things!!! So I decided that living in San Diego and owning a car were not simpatico. So I started learning to RELAX by letting someone else do the driving while I chatted with a variety of interesting ppl that I've met on the trolleys and busses. However, MTS will be RAISING their RATES on 1/1/09!! HEADS UP -- they will be selling a MONTHLY PASS that ONLY lasts for 30 (thirty) DAYS!! NOT 31 days, or the WHOLE MONTH, or anything simple like that. 30 DAYS! That's all we will get. SO -- NOW we have to either BUY A THIRTEETH MONTHLY PASS EACH YEAR -- OR -- PAY $5.00 EXTRA EACH 31st DAY OF THE MONTH -- and there are SEVEN (7) MONTHS each year that have 31 days!!! Kind of a STRANGE way for them to INCREASE THEIR RATES but that's what SANDAG approved on June 13, 2008, at their Board of Directors meeting. I WAS THERE!! I tried to warn them that it was a VIOLATION of TITLE VI which prohibits them from increasing rates to the degree that it would adversely impact SOCIOENOMICALLY DISADVANTAGED CUSTOMERS who use their services. So NOW I have to hire a Civil Rights Atty and file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. I warned them. Mary J Bartholomew
— August 2, 2008 3:17 p.m.

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