San Diego Copper Chimney Food Truck

I've read about this truck on several times over the last six or so months, but since I knew nothing about the food of Southern India, and the insiders on the website already knew what they were talking about regarding "dosas" and "idlis" and so forth, I didn't have a clue--except that the food offered was genuine and of high quality. But now, having read your descriptions, I am ready to head on over there--I have a passion for chutneys, so the golden flute with condiments sounds like it for me! Thanks!
— November 10, 2010 6:15 p.m.

The Maine Event

In defense of King's: (1) It's centrally located with easy parking and decent restrooms. (OK, OK, that's not much of a defense, but these things matter.) (2). In eight years, as wholesale prices have risen, restaurants seem to have tried to keep customers by NOT raising prices. This often means smaller portions or extras eliminated. What we hope for is that quality remains. For me, the quality at King's has been consistent--in terms of both food and service. (3) As a "regular," (and often a solo diner), I find King's very comfortable. I have learned my way around the menu. I realize that EVERYTHING should be good, but knowing I have not reached Nirvana, I have discovered what I consistently enjoy. And I NEVER order sushi there--it's just not a sushi place. Of course, for each of us, what is "good" varies. I myself look forward to the great sourdough. The red seafood chowder is spicy and satisfying. Likewise, the white bean and smoked salmon soup is quite tasty, especially in cold weather. I don't order the side salads because, as Ms. Wise pointed out, they now cost ya--like $5! When I am feeling flush, I might order a Mexican shrimp cocktail--always very fresh, with a tantalizing sauce. I usually order mesquite-grilled fish from the "what is fresh today" list. I like their sea bass, swordfish, mako shark, dorado, halibut, wild salmon, skewers of Mexican white shrimp,skewers of scallops... Every season brings specials. Right now there is the Maine lobster fest that Ms. Wise described. In January (or sooner), they will serve California spiny lobster for a few months.) Some of the specials have been terrific, and some lackluster. I once had a swordfish piccata that was edible but just...weird. And I avoid macadamia-crusted anything. I am a fish and chips fan, but since I prefer beer-battered, and theirs is breaded, I just stay away from the fried stuff. Of the "sidekicks" offered (two per entree), I usually choose the garlic mash, the garlic-sauteed spinach, or the parsley potatoes. The ratatouille is over-spiced. And I like the cole slaw all right. (Cole slaw is a tricky salad, and this one is do-able. After all, we need our cruciferous veggies!) (4) A group of about 25 people gathered with me to celebrate my 60th birthday two years ago at King's in Carlsbad. Everyone--even the kids--seemed very pleased with their meals. We shared a few desserts (nothing fabulous, but certainly yummy). Everyone agreed King's is a good choice for a crowd. I guess I would sum this up by saying that if you know what you like at King's, you're a happy diner once you arrive. If you live in one of the two zillion condos or apartments in Mission Valley, it's comforting to know that you're within walking distance of King's. But if it is a special meal, or you are out there trying to be adventuresome, I'd go along with Ms. Wise's score of 2.5--maybe 2.75. For the best seafood, head west! And don't forget your fishin' pole!
— May 26, 2010 6:07 p.m.

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