Will and I got married for the extra $1452 Navy pay

so it's so surprising how you didn't mention that the command that started the investigation on you wasn't the USS HIGGINS, in fact it was you shore command. since you did become a corpsman and get away from your "slave work" as a deck seamen. you also failed to mention that you, yourself had an affair with a married man before you were "married" and that the reason that you didn't have any chemistry with your husband is because he was gay. it's amamzing how so many people can talk so much crap about the navy, what did you do while you were in? nothing... you didn't go to school while you were in. never heard you talk about wanting to be a JO. true some people do get married for money, true people cheat. but who are you to judge? when you're away from home a lot people do a lot of things that they wouldn't normally do. and that's right, "what happens on deployment, stays on deployment". why would you go back and tell someone's spouse bad things about their husband or wife? for what? what does that get you? a peace of mind knowing that you just made someone's homelife that much worse? as far as living on the ship... you could've have easily got an apartment with other single sailors onboard. just like college students do. hell, you should be happy to live onboard and not in a box with a man that thought it was okay for you to puke up your dinner. so, all this boils down to...if you're going to tell the truth, tell the whole truth and not something that's completely biased.
— May 10, 2008 2 a.m.