Save Tijuana

REFRIED GRINGO are you kidding me, their is an abundance of drug use in Mexico. There has been a case study on the age of Mexican vs American children doing drugs, the average age of a Mexican child to start drugs was an astonishing 11 years old, as the average for an American was 17 years old. Along with the drug use in America is a high 8 percent amongst while Mexico is 22 percent the only countries to beat Mexico is Belgium and China. This is polled as a person who does drugs at least once a week or more. But, the only downfall to the know the truth is that marijuana, prescription drugs (not officially prescribed to you), and methamphetamines, etc are all combined into this study so once they specify on what types of drugs each country is using they can focus on fixing the problem. I am not saying that there are no drugs in America because there are drugs everywhere. But, in the Mexican states, there are thousands of acres of opium plants, along with marijuana plants, that are so heavily guarded that the Federalis cannot get to it, it is well known on the locations, the Mexican drug cartel is their own entity like the Yakuza in Japan. Its like two military branches are fighting against each other in the country. Once they take down these cartels drug prices in the U.S. will sky rocket, and drug use will go down in both countries. Everything is based on Mexico since they are a huge contributing factor to trafficking drugs in the U.S. vice the small class labs in the U.S., doctoring OTC drugs into worse things for your body. I am working on my study on drugs and the physiology on the human body. You should do some studying as well. It will enlighten your thinking that third world countries are contributing factors to the world's drug problem and they need to solve them on their own so they can become self sufficient at minimizing their problems.
— July 18, 2009 6:11 p.m.

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