Atheist advocacy billboard goes up in Encinitas

SurfPuppy619, I'm kind of...confused by your reaction. I wasn't upset with Joaquin (and I'm still not), and I have a practice of inviting people who might otherwise not know any atheists to talk in person - at dinner, with family members if they like - since I'm pretty sure we're all good civilized people who can learn from each other. On the other hand, I *am* a little bit annoyed with you right now because of your over-reaction. To review what happened: Joaquin says that my philosophy leads to mass murder, and I sincerely invite him to talk about it - and now I'm over the top? Something's not adding up there. My case with Joaquin is that the key to mass-murder is whenever there's a philosophy that doesn't permit questioning, whatever the justification, religious, political or otherwise. Mao and Stalin didn't do what they did because they were too open to suggestion or too reasonable. There's also the issue that recent history is the first time where mass murder wasn't almost solely conducted in the name of religion. People have trouble remembering slavery, Native Americans, or the Crusades. I think if Joaquin meets me, he'll realize that we both make basically the same moral beliefs about things, even if we give different reasons for why. As for YOU SurfPuppy, it's interesting that you project being upset onto somebody when this was a genuine invitation, and imply (the scare quotes around "discuss") that it's a physical threat of violence. That's a new one - no one's ever reacted the way you did before. So I'm asking you for an apology for implying that I threatened someone, which is pretty serious. I'll be genuinely happy if you're a big enough person to provide it.
— February 4, 2013 5:59 a.m.

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