Sweetwater Union HS District Board Meeting Skips Public Comment

I felt compelled to blog on this story and to thank two people who actually led the way to try and get the resolution passed, one is Ms. Nancy Stubbs who brought this before the board in November and the board stayed quiet, very quiet. There was never a vote taken nor discussion and the other person was Mr. Perno who also tried to get this on the agenda to no avail. I thank them for giving me the insight to pursue this issue further. Now I find it strange that Mr. McCann in an email to the UT stated he wanted a resolution to end gifts to board members and he wanted the item placed on the agenda. If that is so I wonder why he did not vote to have an exception or exemption before voting on this particular item. The only one that voted NO was Ms. Lopez so a question comes to mind was this for positive press or did he just want to limit gifts but have the thousands of dollars keep rolling in from vendors and contractors to the campaigns. Regarding the closing quote from Dr. Brands email he quoted from Mr. Lee Ioacoca "Lead follow or get out of the way" I take that in stride because I am trying to lead, I will never follow you nor this board of trustees and there is no way I am getting out of the way until the students, staff and community can be proud of this district once again. What a shame it has come to this and all because Dr. Brand and the board dont see fit to play by the rules yet again.
— June 14, 2012 5:18 p.m.

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