Nothing Really Big Ever Happened Here

The problem is that most of the history here was lost, as it goes with tribal knowledge. Plenty of the archaeology (on the surface) was simply picked up as keepsake by the Spanish and Americans (The Jessop family being one example). Little was recorded by the early European settlers simply because they thought it wasn't worth knowing/recording. Plenty destroyed by the Spanish in their effort to convert. There were a few standouts (Elizabeth Judson Roberts, Malcolm Rogers, Edward Davis and others) who found it worthwhile to preserve. Although much was lost, evidence of a long long history here can be seen in the findings of burials along our coast (10,000+ years ago), and further evidence out on the Channel Islands (Fredrick Holder) where great battles were seemingly fought. So, San Diego really does have long rich history. In fact some of the longest history in the Americas. it was mostly just lost to time. During the 1800's there were absolutely stories which rival those of other parts of the US, you just don't hear too much about them. The entire life and story of Chief Panto at San Pasqual is one of note. The raids during the 1830's at Jamul and Warner's are amazing stories. The Californios and their last stand against Kearny. Not to mention quite a few 'tribal' stories the natives tell about their creation and how the land became what we see today. I guess if you're speaking of San Diego in general when you say "Nothing Really Big Ever Happened Here", you're not really looking hard enough.
— May 7, 2013 2:40 p.m.

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