For-profit college tried to recruit homeless

For-profit schools at any level and quality education are, by definition, contradictory. They simply cannot exist as one because the goals of both are constantly clashing. The former always as to focus on profit and how to increase profit while the latter should focus on quality and high standards to maintain on quality. Quality of the institution depends in the level of instruction which relies on a professional teaching staff with a high level of ethics. In other words, the educator should not accept students who are not prepared and should establish high standards for achievement for those students taking the course. It would be unethical for an educator to accept anyone as a student who does not have the ability master the content, and it would be unethical for the educator to offer credit to a student who has not mastered the content. A for-profit institution, by its very nature to make a profit, has to open its doors to anyone who will pay the tuition and will offer credit for minimal work to a student in order for the customer (student) to keep buying the product (courses). But the worst unethical behavior is, at the end, granting a worthless degree (final product) to unsuspecting customers. The cost of the final product by the for-profit is almost nothing (simply a piece of paper) but the price paid by the student (customer) is enormous. The bottom line is that potential students should research their choice for a school with great diligence and if they discover that the school is for profit they should beat a very fast exit.
— May 8, 2013 1:58 p.m.

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