Cosplay in the park

I too made an account so I could comment on this. If you wanted to get some info on the art of cosplay, you went about putting your words out there terribly. First of all, you named Shannon D. a 'diehard cosplayer', and at the park Marina mentions she does not like Hetalia cosplayers because they are 'diehard cosplayers and freak me out!". Doesn't make much sense. If you're trying to understand the art of cosplaying, why is this article focused on the kind of people/personalities are behind this? We're all unique and different under our outfits, and this article seems to be putting all cosplayers into this negative category. What was the point of the "quitting my job", "making out with a guy", "seconds away from tears because my outfit is all wrong"... You may wonder why these girls were so hesitant to let you tag along... If this is the article that you produced from their experience I would be furious. You're trying to get to know "cosplayers and why they do it", you really will never understand because you're not one. Obviously you may know this already, after being snubbed by those individuals you spoke to at the park when you questioned their costume. No cosplayer wants to be questioned about their choices by someone who is a stranger to anime/manga/cosplay. I would snub that person as well. Good job writing this article, your attempt at shedding a positive light on cosplay decisions... you picked some pretty awful examples.
— January 12, 2013 2:21 a.m.

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