Filipino Rules

As always, in the grand tradition of needlessly long-ass, 30 page cover stories that do nothing more than act as filler pages to supplement plastic surgery and cannabis ads, The Reader has really topped themselves with a huge stink-bomb doozy this time! And in the even grander tradition of the constant, needless paraphrasing style of one Duncan Shepherd, here's my retort: As a 42 year-old Filipino/American, reading this article nearly made me puke. This article is downright racist (on behalf of an ignorant writer and an even ignorant editor to put it in print)and self-loathing to say the least. It's loaded with negative stereotypes (amongst them, “Don’t talk to me like dat! I’m your podder!”) and lame generalizations (lots of "we" and "most"). And what about the "dark-skinned" types being bad in comparison to their "light-skinned" counterparts ("My dad was always more intimidating than my mom, based on their looks. He is tall and dark, with unreadable expressions, compared to my short, light-skinned, and jolly mom."). And Ms. Rejas, may I suggest that you take a second from your seemingly puny intelligence and clarify (read: define) italicized terms such as 'balikbayan' and 'pasalubong' to those readers that don't know what the heck these terms mean. Either that or perhaps take a remedial writing course down and actually learn how to write beyond a fifth-grade level. I could go on and on, but doing so would be already be a waste of my time commenting on such drivel. Let me close by saying that at the very best, this along with The Reader's numberous multi-paged cover stories have layered a multitude of bird cages as that's the only use your publication is good for!
— March 9, 2010 8:39 p.m.

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