Smoking or Non?

My hubby, our six children and I have eaten the ribs (just one of our favorite items on the menu) at the House of BBQ and each and every time they were so tender, falling off the bone. Mouth watering, to die for! We recently brought my in-laws, who were born and raised in the south and they were in love with the House of BBQ as well! Not only for the food, but also for the service and the wonderful hard working family, who put all their heart and soul into everything they touch! My family and I have never been to a restaurant were there was so much love and respect for each and every customer who walked through the door! My mother and father-in-law both had the pulled pork sandwich. They both were in aw of the wonderful flavors being playfully tossed over their palate and how tender each and every bite was! Just like my family and I had promised! Each and every time we leave the House of BBQ, we are happy to have spent our hard earned money! Speaking of hard earned money, I was also extremely irritated when you wrote,“We’re gonna get a little something extra from your wallet.”.If that statement was true, then why would the house of BBQ give a complimentary cup of homemade soup with each entrées? My husband and I never ever feel that way about the House of BBQ! We are always happy to spend our hard earned cash with them, they deserve it! So, we've all read Ms. Wise's review for the House of BBQ and it seemed to be more of a destructive kind of criticism, than just an informative review. Hence all the uproar. Either way, that's Ms. Wise's opinion. Just like what I have written is my opinion. Like most of the comments posted above, I also was irate and figured I should voice my experience at the House of BBQ. With that being said, let's not take someones word for it and just give the House of BBQ a change. Start of with a clean slate and come up with your own opinion of the House of BBQ, that my family, friends and I all love! "A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion" Chinese proverb
— June 14, 2009 3:21 p.m.

Smoking or Non?

"The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd." Bertrand Russell This is how I feel about the review for the House of BBQ! My family and I have been enjoying the amazing food there since they opened! I was absolutely floored when I read the review! How could anyone think like this about such a wonderful place, but then I told myself its just one person's opinion! Ms. Wise, it seems as though u were bias about the House of BBQ the second you got off the phone with them. You wrote,"I called to find out how they cook their meats: they said in the oven, then grill-crisped (charred, actually), no smoker involved." The House of BBQ has never stated or printed on their menus that they smoke cook there ribs, yet you still compared them to ribs you've had that were smoked. Not fair! Plus you imply that you think a lot of the appetizers were store bought, frozen. Yet again, the House of BBQ have stated and written in their menus what is or isn't freshly breaded or homemade! Most restaurants don't have the common decency to even do that! One of my hubby's favorite freshly breaded item is the calamari. I'm not a big calamari fan, but I tend to devour this amazing dish only at the House of BBQ. My two youngest children tend to lean toward the freshly breaded chicken tenders, which are excellent for those two finicky eaters. Plus, thanks to the house of BBQ, my youngest have now become a lot more adventurous in trying new foods. They see how scrumptious the food looks and ask for a taste test. They have added a few new items to their favorite food list, which has shocked my husband and I.
— June 14, 2009 3:15 p.m.

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