Mar Vista Middle School on the cheat?

There are a lot of different things going on here so let’s break this down a bit. Mar Vista Middle is now called Mar Vista Academy after its restructure. The same principal is still there. During the restructure the staff was all let go and then teachers could choose whether they wanted to apply for their old job or they would be transferred to another school. My first question would have to be what happened to the teacher who made a study guide from current test questions, are they still at Mar Vista or are they one of teachers who were transferred? How about the other teachers who used them? It is fairly common prior to the Spring standardized testing window to see teachers using the released questions from old tests to get their students ready, the District endorses this practice, whether it follows state guidelines is debatable. It wasn’t acceptable until the current head of Curriculum took over, then it was game on. What we know is that the principal went to the District with his concern, which is what he was supposed to do. Was this one of the teachers he already wanted to get rid of, only the principal knows. Since the restructuring was going to happen anyway did the scores matter to the principal? I know of principals who would never have gone to the district and risk losing their scores, but in this case the principal did. Do we see this as an honest principal in a sea of dishonesty or a principal clearing out some of the teachers they didn’t want? Or could it be both at the same time?
— September 27, 2013 2:38 p.m.

Sweetwater school district backs off on Alliant International University plan

Here is a link to Arne Duncan's bus tour. Looks like SUHSD is the only district putting on a show (pep rally), the rest of the visits are focusing on real world, every day activities. I just heard this morning that on Thursday, the day before the visit, the students will take time out of school to practice marching around and chanting slogans. But remember, it is all for the kids. Also, I heard something that I will not believe until I see it. What I was told is that recently at CPM, they were having some sort of assembly with the students and as they were waiting for all the students to show up, one of the administrators starting having one group of students chant "Castle" and the other half chant "Park", but right in the middle the administrator said instead of "Castle Park", he said "Impeach Obama". Then he said just kidding to the students. I was told that students had their iPads out and someone must have this recorded. Can anyone confirm this? I know there are a lot of strange things happening there, but this can't be true, can it?
— September 8, 2013 10:43 a.m.

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