Battle on the Beach

Poncho wrote: The paddling community wants a little bit of space, the FIDO group (not all dog owners btw) does not want to give up any, not even 10%). However, as noted in Don's article: * In 1972, the City reached a contentious consensus to ban people with pooches from beaches. There was a compromise: the canines and their owners could use Dog Beach in Ocean Beach and Fiesta Island * Later, the dog owners lost a chunk of their leash-free land on Fiesta Island. San Diego city residents who want to use their public parkland to exercise with their dogs HAVE compromised - and that's clearly noted in this article. But the simple fact remains, there is simply NOWHERE else in the city for for dog owners who want to exercise with their dog(s)to go. This isn't an issue about dogs. It's about exercise and recreation. It's what people choose to do with their city parkland. Getting in a dragon boat or kayak and going out for recreation is just as valid of a recreational use as is running, walking, biking, or strolling with your dog along the one mile of coastland alloted for this purpose. Dog owners simply are not permitted elsewhere ... it's not a matter of a slightly lesser location, it's this or nothing. It's also irresponsible to quote Les Hopper: "Sneeringly, he says that “At peak usage, there are only about a hundred dogs at the Fiesta Island site — an acre per dog.” What Hopper (and by default, you, Mr. Bauder) imply is that there are maybe 100 people a day using the area. What your article leaves out is that the dog owners have by far the highest turnover use of any use on Fiesta Island. The hundred or so people that are using the fenced dog area between six and seven AM each morning are not the same hundred that are there around noon and still a different hundred or so folks there around five or six. There are literally hundreds of dog owners that use the island each day, year round. To use this quote is to propagate a half (if that) truth. This is the reason that FIDO has thousands of supporters - because there are literally thousands of people that use this area of Fiesta Island.
— February 5, 2009 7:17 p.m.

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