Stone to Rogue Beer Tour Companies: You're Cut Off!

Is Stone sniveling here? I thought that was for fizzy yellow beer drinkers. If you want a family restaurant, open a family restaurant. If you want buses of people drinking your big character brews, make the darkest, strongest beers on the west coast, call it a brewery and build it an hour from the mass of SD's population. Well done, you have your dilemma. It would make sense that the much beloved Stone aims to amicably resolve this with both the diners and the pour tourists, catering to both by accommodating them with separate areas. Make it fun for both and brand the location correctly. They never need to cross paths with proper design. A good example of this (while not a brewery) is Nicks in OB which does a great job separating 2 very different types of customers and does not require the bar crowd to walk through the dining floor when entering. IMHO, I felt disillusioned st Stone after being to breweries worldwide. I had to shuffle through a stagnant and quiet dining room crowded by young kids and parents to get outside. I then realized Stone was not providing a brewery experience but a dining experience on that day. Something I would have enjoyed on a different day. It was only once outside that I could have a normal Hamilton's esque convo with my compadres and amigas. That put stone low on the list of breweries that I revisit. Stone has an opportunity to reconsider their layout, benefit all customer's and allow the buses, who are increasing our public safety, to provide the best service for their customers as well. All I'm saying is, Stone, If you build it they will come. The problem isn't the transportation providers, they are providing a great service to you, to your customers and to the other people on the road who are safer today. It's the branding and that's a positive fix. Restaraunt = food + atmosphere + dining clientele, Brewery = beer + buses of excited beer drinkers! Oh and you're also the last stop on that brew tour so that doesn't help your cause. The problem at this location can be resolved within the business with creative thinking, not bullying. It's ridiculous to think that controlling the bus companies is going to solve the issue stated.
— May 1, 2012 5:40 p.m.

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