Sweetwater School Board Awards 2-Year Contract to Ed Brand

The fact that our student representative on the board was able to rally her fellow ASB presidents to come and speak out against Brand (although many had to leave well before they were given a chance to speak due to curfew), the fact that many of the long adn well respected members of our district who have now retired (J. Mercado, S. Canaris, j. Rindone, K. Janney) came out to speak against Brand (and again went home to bed before given the chance), the fact that the board was presented with no confidence votes from teachers, parents, the bond oversight committee, and on and on and on, AND YET Brand walked away with not only a contract but a simply obscene contract is simply disgusting. Listening to each board member explain why they were voting for him it was like we lived in two completely different universes. They see a Brand who is competent and a team-player, yet most of the many of his most horrendous decisions were made unilaterally (open boundaries) and others were made with board approval but no real thought out long-term plan. They say they want stability and consistency. Neither of those are worth anything if the person who is supposed to provide those is completely unethical and untrustworthy. I can't think of a single thing that Brand has said that he has followed through on or that has been matched by his actions. Obviously, and unfortunately there is now no going back. One can only count the months until the election and the trial and HOPE that we have the community enlightened enough to give us some fresh blood. Unfortunately after tonight it will cost us gravely and many will at that point in time say that we just can't afford it. Well, guess what, we couldn't afford it at 3 am this morning either. We couldn't afford anything for ANY other employee in the entire district in the spring when we all agreed to take pay cuts due to the fact that "there simply was no money". And now, badda bing badda boom, money has appeared for Brand following his strike. Maybe we should thank you Brand. You have taught us a valuable lesson. Do not sit around and negotiate. Walk out - STRIKE - and then you will get exactly what you want and more. Remember, when you are in a position of power, you are a role model and you have modeled the power of striking for us perfectly. I cannot WAIT until our next bargaining to follow in your footsteps.
— September 25, 2012 6:04 p.m.

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