An interesting insight comes when one of the two researchers discloses his real mission for the interviews. Is it to find truth? Is it to find a deeper understanding of Nixon and his possible motives? Is it to at least present a fair and balanced interview exposing both sides of every issue? Nah. This is post-Watergate, after all, and every "journalist" now has an agenda: to shape the news to a more liberal point of view. Truth be damned. This researcher's motive is to "give him the trial he never had." And his crusade is complete with the usual rants of how Nixon wiped out an entire race of people in Vietnam while showing his journalistic skill by ignoring the vast amount of Vietnamese still living. A precursor to the era of 9/11 truthers and liberal bloggers. It was all similar (deliberately so, I'm sure) of the liberal clap-trap of the past six or so years with the force furor of those wanting to put Bush on trial for war crimes and such. And the whole premise (wanting to hear Nixon's apology) is so like the recent Washington Press Corps. idiotic questions of Bush during any press conference--the sole purpose one could gather was to, again, hear that all important "I'm sorry"--that it's like a vomitous case of deja vu. You keep tasting the bad lasagne from two days ago all over again. Getting to the actual movie, it was so slow and Langella so quiet it was hard to hear. I kept waiting for any deep revelation. Instead what we see was, sadly, all there was then or could be today: two groups (Frost/Nixon and cronies) sparring with each other as if it is a contest to see who was the best BS'r. I came away assured of that which I have known for years; that the world of politics (those involved and those covering) is one full of superficial fools who are led more by ego than substance of character, and anyone wishing to find deep meaning in that world is equally the fool.
— February 14, 2009 10:49 a.m.

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