Reporters Say Braun Leaving U-T. Several Companies Reported To Be Taking Interest in Buying It, but All Have Financial Woes

Response to #18 & #21: Paul - Agreed on Aguirre as hammer seeking nails (problems). A reformer needs a bulldog personality. In situations where there really ARE massive problems (caused by extremely powerful forces to boot) wherever one looks, one must begin by choosing each fight judiciously. Perhaps you, I, Don, city and county voters wouldn't be frustrated nearly to the point of apathy if Aguirre had built consensus & support first rather than proceeding as a juggernaut & assuming all right-minded citizens would fall in line behind his parade. (Have we omitted any appropriate mixed metaphors? Maybe something about tilting at windmills..?) On the other hand, San Diego's major print & broadcast media have been enabling the entrenched corruption at city & county levels for decades. When Aguirre tried a systematic approach, he too was frustrated by media portrayals & the resultant lack of progress. The present closing of ranks to preserve the status quo would be enough to turn most anyone into an angry hammer. & Don - The dissertation concerning the U-T's smearing tactics has already been written.. by you. *smiles* Just gather up all your pertinent articles/ essays/ replies you've written here, collate them and submit. Matt Potter's not too shabby either ;). Those efforts are continuing to make a big difference, keep up the good work. ~jill
— September 17, 2008 3:04 p.m.


Ok then, phumber, got yer number... ~jill
— September 17, 2008 12:01 a.m.

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