San Diego Wants to Extend Red Light Camera Ticketing, Bid Document Reveals

Three points. 1) IF the city of San Diego actually cared about preventing more or most red light violations, they would FIRST add one second to the yellow intervals on the lights (up to the federal maximum of 6.0 seconds). This simple safety change almost always drops the violation rates by 60% to 90%, and does so almost immediately. Ask yourselves WHY this simple and well known safety change is not used very often in cities with cameras? The an$wer$ and rea$on$ are obviou$ to mo$t ob$erver$. Using safer longer yellow intervals guts the revenue stream from the cameras and kills their real purpose which is profits. 2) ATS is the most predatory red light camera company in the business, not that Redflex and the others are laudatory in their practices. ATS is the company that threatened to sue Houston for up to $25 million when Houston voters voted the cameras out prior to the end of a contract. The city settled on a "deal" where ATS will get from $4.8 to about $12 million for the contract being ended early to respect the will of the voters. 3) Camera companies and cities often point to polls that supposedly show the public supports red light cameras. But poll questions can be crafted to get almost any results you want if the questions are worded cleverly enough. The "polls" that are meaningful are actual votes and ticket cameras have lost 96% of the real votes. In 23 of 24 votes, the citizens said NO to cameras, usually after they had experience with the predatory revenue nature of ticket cameras. San Diego voters need to loudly and repeatedly contact their council and other officials to say STOP the use of these cameras when the current contract ends. Do NOT enter into any new contracts for cameras past January. Vote OUT any officials that support the cameras or extend the contracts. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association, Ann Arbor, MI
— August 23, 2012 8:37 a.m.

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