Imperial Beach Burger King Closes with No Notice

Yup, there is always that hidden agenda and it will always be there. I'm going to try again to get a hold of someone from Burger King Corporate and or 3G Capital which bought Burger King for 3.3 Billion last year. I'm curious of the cause of closure. I find it odd that a place like BK to just get up and walk away in 24 hours. To be honest. It was the fastest closure I've seen in the City of Imperial Beach in my 20 years living here. Unlike other businesses that gained mainstream media attention IE: The strip mall at 9th and Palm. Which in my opinion should be a I.B. landmark. I grew up here and went to school at Oneonta Elementary School which had a book called "The History of Imperial Beach". From this book, that mall has not changed structurally speaking. Yes the city needs some sort of 'face-lift' but it doesn't need to imitate say Coronado, East-Lake Chula Vista... Also kind of miss that onion ring sauce. :D But it will take us. WE THE PEOPLE to do something about the changes in our city. But that is a whole other animal to discuss. Especially when the city is looking to spend over $180,000.00 to install one (1) cross walk on Imperial Beach Blvd behind of Mar Vista High... If I recall correctly from a counsel meeting that said the proposed crosswalk would be like the one located at 1300 Ebony Ave. Which I think was a waste of money for that one alone. As one can see; it has made the lanes narrow, the curb-sides collect large amounts of trash, wear and tear on our vehicles, let alone the gas wasted going that route, and people whom don't know about it have hit it at 35-40MPH. If anyone here wishes to help find answers why our Burger King vanished. Here is contacts of the people who 'should' know why. -Miguel Piedra -Michelle Miguelez -Denise Wilson Email: [email protected] Phone: (305) 378-7277 Best of luck.
— October 23, 2011 1:02 a.m.

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