Obama: Waiting for the Sunrise?

The Obama Administration does NOT support the SRPL. For SDG&E to claim that they do is reckless and irresponsible. Who has the track record of integrity, Obama or SDG&E. Get real. Remember AIG? That was a turning point. Obama’s response was “I’m taking time to research what they are up to”. Obama has not indicated his energy policy. However you’ve seen little mercy for greed. Banks have been forced to pay back gazillions in compounded mortgage interest. Obama ran on focusing fairness to the individual not on perpetuating the power over the power over the people. He was not a day sworn in when Arnold Swarzenager bugged him about energy and then mouthed off like it was a done deal. That hardly constitutes support. Would his chief environmental consult be Arnold Schwarzeneger? Don't count on it. Remember the energy contracts that put Arnold into office? Associating this with Obama is absurd. Forcing businesses to rely and pay for obsolete technologically for the next 50 years is about as intelligent as forcing them to use Apple 2E’s to run them. If computing power is doubling every 18 months it stands to reason that energy technology is doing the same. Do we want to be forced to run on the energy equivalent of a 286 box for 50 years? And destroy our national forests forever? That’s fed to Arnold from the energy lobby, not Obama. Economic crisis is not an excuse to destroy national treasures. The number one goal of the Bush administration was to keep the centralized power over energy. Everything but everything but everything served this one goal. We should have seen it coming: SDG&E getting swallowed up by Sempra was only one small part of that scheme. Manipulated contracts, manipulated new requirements that were re-labeled "meeting the demand". Radical energy prices, housing prices, historic economic crisis. Remember the electric car? The Bush administration responded with hydrogen research. How convenient. The sterling solar dish is really a hydrogen tube little tested in the summer sweltering heat. The 1st new line was fabricated a decade ago with the contracts. The biggest source of energy is the liquefied natural gas coming in from Russia. Russia? That’s an old comforting word. Talk about reliable? And the part about going all over California, try again. Sempra’s site, said the famed pipe line “IS” going invisibly from “tha Rockies” to Ohio. “Rockies” is a loose concept consistent with their superb demonstration of local geography in their 10 volume EIS. -Not. The current proposal compromises nearly all of the substantial flowing water resources in the county, yet they call this "environmentally superior?". To assume that Obama would do this is nearly slanderous. To the contrary. If we want to put a stop to the reckless strong-arming by SDG&E for horrendous profits, once and for all then we need to replace them with a local company! A welcomed initiative is due.
— May 28, 2009 2:24 a.m.

Way Too Many People Live Out Here

The new forest plan didn't close much at all, to the contrary. It certainly didn't close the forest. You haven't been out there either--that's 3 for 3: Consider that only 12 years ago if you followed the instructions to Three Sisters Waterfall in Jerry Shad's book you would be greeted by an old man, relative to the oldest ranch out there, yelling from his mountain shack that you were on private property, threatening to call the sheriff, and to go the other way. You carefully check your copy of A Foot and A Field. You were right, this is public land. If you yielded, and did go the other way you were greeted by a relative of the 2nd oldest ranch and probably the largest, with shotgun in hand. His efforts correctly securing private land, eliminated Eagle Peak, all 5 miles of the upper Cedar Creek, Sunshine Mountain, McGee Flat and Deadmans flat, from public view. Also guarded at gunpoint might have included parts of the lower Cedar Creek Falls, and Mildred Falls. Then if you wondered far enough to the El Cap mesa , or NoName, you found yourself in between two tributaries of Boulder Creek being treated and tested with defoliants which subsequently washed into-yep our drinking water in El Cap. Today the Forest Service as well as the largest ranch owner had the foresight to turn it over to the public. Then there was the real Devil's punchbowl -for a fee-until insurance woos caught up with the enterprise and forced it closed-for real. Thanks to the forest service purchase we DO have access to these gorgeous places. The first 1/3 mile to Eagle Peak affords a glimpse of 150 Three sisters, a route that could easily be handicap adapted. One can hear an echo move all the way around Lillian Hill from right to left about a mile--if it isn't tempered by the sound of roaring machines, dirt bikes, helicopters, and hammer drills from the boys still working on their manhood. Consider what you are calling a "closure" was either trespassing or illegal entry -even then. A road is NOT where someone in the 50ies used a pickup truck to round a cow into a corral, nor is it where fire fighters cut a break during a fire, it's still illegal to go around a locked gate, even it you cut the fence, and driving is still a privilege, not a right. How many turned up for the recent forest open houses to discuss access? Hardly a handful-and one comment - from me. The real threat is ignorance; most fires are caused by people. The Cedar Fire started because a man under peer pressure went hunting, didn't want to admit he didn't know how to hike or navigate, failed to bring near enough water, became dehydrated, confused, and panicked and started a fire-200 yards from view of the road. Manhood. Peer pressure: his peer should have been charged for leaving him alone. Next time there is a forest initiative, I hope it includes a section on birth control!
— July 28, 2008 9:19 p.m.

Way Too Many People Live Out Here

When I file my proverbial lawsuit, it’s not jus the environmental black and white but also the boy and girl of it all. We owe a huge gratitude to Dave Hogan, Bill Corcoran. and others. It would all be condos and power lines it they didn't jump in there. Nevertheless there are flaws. The path in to the gurgling Cedar Creek on Boulder Creek road. No. but ok, get a map. Cuyamacca, the 2nd highest peak, eclipsed barely by Hotsprings Mountain. Whatever. The line about the Sunrise Power line and the words "supposed to" even Dave knows the Opt D alternative is an atrocity, there is no “suppose to”. The big thorn in my side is these people have not been way deep into it . Not Dave, well maybe a little, definitely not Bill, and for the most part excepting Jeff Wells, not the Forest Service. I have. All over the place, time and again. I've asked and asked with the minimal success. They are guys. I am not. Every newspaper in the county wants to talk to a guy about the woods. Not to a women. They short change themselves: The proposed Eagle Peak Wilderness was conceived by a woman (the wonderful Camille Armstrong, photographed, documented, and adopted by a woman , that be me , the best taxonomist in the forest, supplying thousands of plants and identifications to the Natural History Museum, is a woman, the world famous wildlife biologist that surveyed the animals initially, was a woman, one of the two Forest service biologists that has stood under enormous pressure and weighed in on the area, is a woman, and it was even proposed as a wilderness to congress--by a woman, Senator Barbara Boxer. But the major papers keep interviewing men. The FS has whole initiatives for activities dominated (under the proverbial bell curve) by men. Hate to sound like a throwback to the 70ies feminist movement, but it’s getting old. Why? Everything about the pristineness and raw beauty is true, but if they had been there, waaay deep in there, they would know what an understatement: -it’s about a 100 times more so -gorgeous and beautiful and valuable just like it is. We don't have much like it so close to home. You can’t mitigate pristine. The Forest Service designations along upper Cedar Creek are outrageous. Half way through the 15 year process many designations were relaxed considerably. The forest service should be held accountable for this, reason alone for a law suit. We had a jewel in the Descanso district Ranger, Tom Gillette but I hear he is leaving. What horrible timing for all of us. I agree with Dave when he says they have pressure from above. It isn't right to threaten a rare treasure like this by someone with know-it-all-power from out of town that has no idea what is really here. When the boys keep looking for more and more ways to act out their manhood and justify it with noise and destructions and some tirade on their "rights”, they need to suck it in and actually go hiking with us. We’ll go easy on you!
— July 24, 2008 2:17 p.m.

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