Self-Probe? Ha!

Don Bauder excelent job done on this article. I am cmkm diamonds shareholder and have been following SEC moves for years. I was amazed when the agency’s inspector general, H. David Kotz, was brushed off after his investigatio by "inhouse administrative law judge" Brenda Murray, and now we find out later she was not even acting in judicial capacity. First the last thing SEC needs is "in house" law judge since they are so corrupt from top to bottom, and second if she did not act in judicial capacity then Inspector Kotz should nulify her act as it should be done by miminum somebody acting in judicial capacity. This really puts damper on what is it that Kotz can do at all? He was the one called to speak in front of senate and explain how is it that SEC missed for 20 years that Madoff had a scam going on. And all he could say is that he did not personaly get any complaints or whistle blowers information on Madoff case because it all went to SEC staff that off course covered it up.. just like with Gary Aguirre. But what is Kotz going to do now .. about Judge Brenda Murrey who actualy played Kotz, put out the statement but did not legaly act in a judicial capacity in issuing her decision ? When the corruption stinks to the high heavens all the way to president Bush.. who thank god is not president any more... how do you change it? Well certainly not by having "in house" loyal staffer administrative law judge acting outside the jurisdiction of an administrative law judge. "The SEC pulled a scam.” No kidding. Honest people cant work long for SEC for long. They are ousted just like Gary Aguirre was. Sec has been playing with their writeups about naked shorting of the stocks for years now. You will not find one action against any broker or financial participants in all these years that SEC has taken against illegal issuing of phantom shares or naked shorted shares.. What it is is countefeiting of shares.. but that sounds too matter a fact as to what it is.. so they prefer to publicly call it failed to deliver shares. SEC protects the corruption of Wall street participants.. so their days are too bussy covering up their own acts in front of public they should be protecting..complete collusion of greed on the backs of American investing public.
— January 22, 2009 10:52 a.m.

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