Ramona Will Have Its Green Jellÿ

They have no loyalty to Joe? How can you be so sure? Are you over at his place when he has the bands he books over to hang out? You will probably think the bands are doing that out of pity though, or perhaps you think they're doing it to brown nose or maybe even get a few free drinks out of him. How can you say the Jumping Turtle is a decent place? Have you ever been there? It's about as small as an elementary school classroom, the food is nothing to brag about (ask Mike LePond of Symphony X, he ate there when he played with Seven Witches), the bathrooms are the size of Port-O-Potties, and the sound quality has to be worse than Ramona Mainstage because it's a bar with poorly spaced amps, and crappy ones at that. As for Matt being a decent guy, don't judge a book by its cover. He is a cook of an old man, not to mention vindictive.... I didn't spend hours doing favors for the Turtle to help it stay open for him to be a pain in the ass and make everything excruciatingly difficult. Drama revolves around that old fart, had he kept his mouth shut all along the Turtle wouldn't have been on the brink of being shut down by the city and I wouldn't have had to waste my time driving an hour to San Marcos on weekdays to go to protests and pass the petition around for hours every day. He is greedy and ungrateful and deserves to get his bar shut down, seeing as he can't run it properly and control the atmosphere. As for Mainstage's beer prices, that's nothing. A cup of water at Mayhem Fest this year was $5. Prices are either too low or too high nowadays and I'd actually prefer the prices of alcohol to be that way during a show because then it's less drunks and creeps that I have to deal with and it makes the show much more enjoyable for me. If you're bitching about alcohol prices, go somewhere else, especially on nights that are booked. Joe defended the Turtle in the beginning, you are correct. However, he saw that the way it was managed and run was far from salvagable, especially since he had been continually getting screwed over, so he made the decision to leave and gave his opinion accordingly. Now, I've never been to Molly's but Joe wasn't insulting the place. He was making a comparison based on what Mainstage could be music venue wise and that Molly's is more of a dive bar than a music venue. It just seems that many Ramona Molly's fanatics have their panties in a bunch... and I have never seen a band I usually see at the Turtle have Molly's on their location for a show... And why do so many people try to tag Joe as a bad person? All he wants to do is hook up good shows for him and fans of all ages to enjoy. He always gets local bands to play during shows, more so than I've ever seen at any other venue from San Marcos and south.
— October 23, 2009 3:27 p.m.

Ramona Will Have Its Green Jellÿ

What do you mean no one else books the shows that Joe books? He gets to these bands first because he's made a connection with the members instead of booking them for money. How is the Turtle better now that Joe is gone? If you mean it's better in that a bunch of midlife crisis adults can drink another 4 brewskies without having to deal with a bunch of "10 year olds" then I suppose you must be correct. How many screamo bands does Joe book? I've seen a few announced, but at least he doesn't buy into the really terrible bands like Brokencyde, which House of Blues booked. I love the bands that he books, the only venues I go to locally are Soma which has ALL of the screamo bands and an occasional metal band and House of Blues which rarely gets good shows. I've been to a few shows at the Turtle (metal shows, mind you; folk, death, you name it) with my boyfriend and friends and they were all awesome and we had a great time. And seriously, if you need booze to have a good time then that's just sad. Can you not enjoy the music sober? Maybe if the Turtle had been run better it wouldn't have to run completely off of booze. The only reason it stayed open was because of Joe's shows and hopefully someone will realize that when someone has liver failure due to their strong love of the Turtle and its booze. This is all about the music, not some dinky bar (which I truly did love, don't get me wrong) filled with a bunch of neandarthals who can't share their booze a few nights a week with people of all ages who just want to escape and have a good time. P.S. It specifically says there is a 21+ section where there is indeed alcohol for sale.
— October 22, 2009 10:54 p.m.

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