Bye-Bye, Meter Reader

In regards to this meter reader section, I'm currently a Meter Reader for San Diego Gas & Electric. I was kinda offended at how this posting has portrayed a meter reader to be a bad person.... How we supposedly read meters too high every month and how we don't do our jobs because we don't read everybody's meter... How can somebody criticize us if there is no background allowing you to say such things. Most customers get angry when they have an estimated bill, but 100% of the time the reason they got the estimated bill is because of their own negligence. If you have a german sheppard,pitbull, chow chow, akita, or Rottweiler, we as meter readers don't go into properties because those dogs are known to attack and have high pain tolerances. If a gate is locked how are we suppose to read it? If you have trash, or anything in front of the meter how are we suppose to read it? Also people are getting excited at how there will be more privacy and no more meter readers entering properties, but there are multiple times that meter readers have prevented huge accidents from happening, even fatal ones. Just the other day I was reading a property and as I turned the corner to read the gas meter I got a huge gust of gas, of course I immediately told the customer of the situation. If it had not been for me that whole block could have gone up in smoke! There have also been multiple times when we have run into faulty electrical wiring done by an electrician who didn't know what he was doing. The faulty wiring caused all of the gas lines to become energized. So as soon as somebody touched the meter or any lines connecting to it, the person would have been electrocuted. Some people wire up their motor homes to an outlet, not knowing that they are electrifying more than their motor home. So before there are fingers being pointed at how, "we don't do our jobs" look at how difficult your making our jobs in the first place.
— April 3, 2008 5:54 p.m.

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