These guys were hoping to get a buck for kicking a punk in the junk...It was awful to watch, but nob

Witch-hunt is judging to control to enslave on steroids. NOTHING KNOWN OF THE PSYCHE OF ANYONE IDENTIFIED/IDENTIFIABLE OR OF ANY OF THEIR RELATION(S.) OPINION. SUPPOSITION. THEORY. Where it aims to inflict harm, or deny birthright, or imply capital punishment, it's homicidal paranoia. Paranoia’s Greek for all knowing, a concept arrived at during the course of distinguishing between knowing/not knowing, judging vs. analysis. Women were burned at the stake when midwives threatened medieval doctors, and they've gained a semblance of equality in recently, but witch-hunt’s been making men afraid of being demonized, such as making them afraid of being wrongly ferreted out as gay, requiring establishing gay as capital status crime initially (enabled ancient despots to rumble with neighbors for profit and to compensate for their raping of their own cultures' wealth, and to have other men's women.) We live under at least 4 stages of transference. The super rich men acting in dresses in the woods instructing making the world afraid of what they were supposed to have been afraid of thousands of years ago. Then, it's the rich demagogue switching out monopoly for capitalism and the mouthpieces seemingly enjoying making afraid of being wrongly ferreted out as gay anyone who does not like it. (How morality gets conflated with sociopathy.) Inclusion reflects opinion/supposition http://goo.gl/hZ1g1 Inclusion reflects opinion/supposition http://goo.gl/gLPaM Inclusion reflects opinion/supposition http://goo.gl/aa197 These dangerous people, obviously a couple steps beyond the usual obnoxious, insulting paranoid-grade masculine insecure clown, who’re transfering that fear. We know it’s not just developmental (optimally: after a few babes a few more for numerical genetic advantage of the group) but also genetic because of this http://goo.gl/4GZfP http://goo.gl/702g6 and cause it’s to control and history’s control freaks have been gay: Hitler: famously feminine; JFK’s killers, who placed us in our own time frame’s events: gay fascists. You then fear anyone resembling. Leaders of witch-hunt rely on people acting like this when their parents enjoy making boys afraid of being demonized, suffering arrested growth (men don’t hurt animals but do when they need asserting gender) and in turn from themselves know limitation and denial of birthright. Everyone’s denied coming out. The opposite is selflessness. The masters of slavery know how to sow pepper sprayers. People also judge and condescend out of ego defense (self-aggrandizing, self-assurance.) I think this is a conveyed lesson in: math/morality/history being one and the same. witch-hunt planned in proving the nature of each. In the meanwhile it's the license to (OPINION) falsely accuse people like Dale Akiki or to be judge jury and executioner if you're a cop with no camera on you. http://goo.gl/M0UO8
— January 20, 2013 8:43 a.m.

Restaurant Porn, Italian Style

The restaurant sounds good. Positive comments about the waiter are definitionally positive. I'm not thrilled about judging and superficialities. To judge is to control is to enslave. It's the basis of demonizing. Demonizing knows no bounds when there's division and then there's endless divisions. The point is to float false ideologies, such as by a tyrant, or a monopolist, say that's something like, oh, say, capitalism, and then say anyone who doesn't agree is, say, a witch, a communist, a gay person, etc. In other words, the license to judge comes from the license to go on a witch-hunt. The first was making straight guys afraid of being wrongly ferreted out as gay because witch-hunts are all about making people afraid of being WRONGLY burned at the stake. My ideas are thoroughly pro-traditional morality. That's because they prove it, so long as one deletes the judging, which acts like Gray's Sports Almanac displaced in time by Biff Tannin, while the East, upon closer inspection, is actually, after a key point, morally identical to the West, with many gradients of proof in between. What makes one telling witch-hunt special is it propagated actual hypocritical bad guys. It's why all the assumptions based on judging will continue to produce hypocritical bad guys, monopoly masquerading as capitalism, and leave us with a world where it's O.K. to say go ahead, keep destroying our planet at our expense, for your benefit. We'll just put up solar mirrors in space. http://goo.gl/sQjDy
— October 24, 2012 7:49 p.m.

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