Too hot for ta-ta check

I was given one these appointments since the machine's went down. Was supposed to be today at 9:10am on Breyer Rd. This is a 50 mile round trip for me. As I got there into the parking lot at 9am I got a phone call, they asked for Susan Smith, wrong number, I am Carolyn G. I entered the facility and let them know I have a 9:10am appointment for my mammogram. They informed me that the machine never arrived. I just stood there waiting for them to take it from this point to another solution but obviously we were done here cause they just stared at me in silence so I left. I got back out to the car to leave and looked at the phone number that had called asking for Susan Smith, and yup it was this facility calling 10 minutes before my appointment but asking for the wrong person. Now originally that day at Qualcomm, after my initial intake I was told TWICE to go wait with the other group of ladies and my name would be called when it was my turn at the machine. There were no seats available so I sat on the curb which was under a shade tree. I was also told it would only be abt a 30 min wait. After an hour I realized this group of Women had actually been in line in these seats! No one told me to get in line! Like I said, I was told TWICE my name would be called. If I had known and I had gotten in line my turn would have come and gone. Now the machines are down, I understand the heat is out of our hands and it is what it is. I was thrilled to have the option for the Breyer Rd appointment as it wasn't a complete loss until today. So now this has cost me 2 days of work because I had to rearrange my work schedule, plus the 50 miles round trip in gas. This cost me $$ for NOT getting a FREE service. This was a poorly organized event. Of course it worked out well for the ladies that did get the service but for the rest of us not.
— October 8, 2014 10:24 a.m.

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