Yay for American Cars

When I read this article it reminded me last Sunday I was sitting at the Star Bucks on Felton and a parade of gorgeous low rider cars went by. Long shiney, bouncy beauties. So, I followed them to the St. Didacus Church on down Felton. It was a wedding. The cars parked in the lot next to the church. I stood by with my half of a venti coffee and watched young men get out of the cars and put on tuxedos. Regular cars parked in the lot across the street and regular looking people got out of these cars and went into the church, dressed in regular clothes. I asked the young me, big guys, if I could look at the cars, because one of them looked like a buick my dad owned back in 1945. His parents bought it for him. I wished I had the picture to how these guys. A few months after my grandparents bought this Buick for him, he crashed it. As I turned towards the cars, two police cars pulled up and parked on either side of the church parking lot. Two young cops got out. The wedding members didn't look at the cops. I said,"I wonder why the police are here?" One young man murmered "Don't know." I said, as I walked towards the Blue Buick, "It's the cars." I heard one of the young men say, sarcastically, "Yeah, the cars." The police stayed long enough to deduce that this was indeed a wedding and then drove away. I walked admired the steering wheels and shiney hoods and walked back to the men. They were all tuxed and ready for the ceremony. As I left I tried to remember when the police had ever showed up at a wedding I went to. I don't think they showed up at my dad's wedding, even when he drove the Buick. Maybe cause the neighbors wouldn't get as nervous if old white people drove up in dozens of Toyotas and SUV's.
— August 27, 2009 8:24 a.m.

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