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1) I think that this article perpetuates anti-vegan/vegetarian sentiment and breeds ignorance, already proven by such comments as ruining a brownie because it’s vegan. I’m so tired of seeing people react this way over and over again to vegan food and I’m not even vegetarian or vegan. The worst part is this judgment comes before even trying it (in vegan brownie’s case, not even knowing what it is)! This type of statement screams ignorance to me – to the point where I feel ashamed on their behalf. Let’s not contribute to the ignorant American stereotype. Just remember, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. 2) In “Horribly Obsessed”, you mention that when you find something you like, you want all your friends to try it/experience it, like that Starlite burger. In fact, this is your quote from the video clip, “I’m not satisfied until everyone tries it and agrees that it’s one of the tastiest burgers in town. I like to share what I think is good so that others might experience some of my enjoyment.” ( Couldn’t it be that vegetarians and vegans share this passion (or obsession) with you and only want to share their discoveries with their friends? Why is it okay for you to be enthusiastic about something but when veg/vegans talk about their diet it’s preachy? Is it possible that you might have misread their intentions? Or is it preachy because you don’t agree with it? 3) If the only example of militant vegans you can come up with are people who sneer at you while shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, that’s pretty unfair. How do you know these strangers are vegan? Maybe they just don’t like your outfit. How can you make such a judgment based on a sneer? I know a lot of veg/vegans and just like other people have said in their comments, don’t know any that match your descriptions.
— April 11, 2009 7:45 p.m.

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