Doing Europe: Prague, Czech Republic

Oh, now it's become so clear, comrade Frajer. You are one of those willfully naive Americans who believe in peace through war. Through your feigned love of the oppressed, you are complicit in the growth of American militarism and the garrisoning of the planet. Not just the Czech Republic... Laos, Korea, Sweden, and so on and so on. A real mujahadeen for the supposed good guys. You are just a little distant cog in our dependence on a permanent war economy, pillaging cultures in the name of self-betterment. You have become the perfect embodiment of the American military credo of deception: a huge discrepancy between what America professes to be and what you actually are. Your ignorant empire building indoctrination will slowly matriculate, and the blinders will be pulled from your eyes. So keep building your over 700 covert miltary bases in every world outpost while fooling yourself into believing you're an open-minded American using the world as your personal buffet. All on the taxpayer's buck. Keep fooling yourself into believing that your violence-sponsored military controlled global exploit is really just traipsing the world to find the essence of "Fred Williams." Your bought-and-sold, partner. Your simpleton arrogance is beyond trasparent. So go back to your well-pronounced consumption while forcefully projecting your military hegemony. Like I said, you're the hypcrite, not the students who innocently are exploring.
— June 29, 2010 10:45 a.m.

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