Gary Heffern Recovering From Emergency Surgery, but...

hello and one more post on this, as i got a phone call from a friend saying that all is not clear on the description for the need of funds on the link below. the reason for that is they only allow 300 words for the description and reason etc. so here is the breakdown, as many of you know, the burst appendix happened last saturday which kept me in the hospital for 8 days, while in the hospital, they will pay me for one month's pay and that is it the hospital and medicines are cheap here so that comes to about 400 euro's. there has also been a looming bill of 3,500 euro's for a heating bill that has to be paid before the end of the year, as well as the regular monthly bills, i whittled down that bill to only about 2,000 euro's. my monthly bills are around 1100 a month, i live alone and do not have anyone to share these bills with. i live very modestly, you don't see me coming around town and spending money. also, although, hopefully i will still get some money from the government, it still will only be a few hundred euro's a month, which will not cover bills. they have told me that i cannot work for at least 2 months, and then they will have me come back to the hospital and put a camera into my stomach via my mouth. and then they will tell me whether or not i will be able to work. i hope this clears everything up for all of you, and know simply that i come to you with humility, and grace, and honesty. once again i thank you all and for all of you who donate 50.00 or more ed pettersen has sent me this " Hey everybody, please help out our dear buddy Gary. This new record we're doing is gonna' be awesome and is half recorded right now. We'll give autographed copies to anyone who helps with a 50 dollar donation and signed prints of the artwork which is done by a fantastic Norwegian artist named Elise Jarem: THANKS!!!.
— June 7, 2012 1:36 a.m.

For Just One More Show

Hello, Thanks to Jay for the article. Due to the fact I am living in Finland (and this being self-released), there is a delay as far as the CD itself being available on Amazon. The downloads are available on Amazon mp3, and now. you can email me for immediate copies of the cd's at [email protected] . It's great to see my old friend Scat getting some attention as well, boy, the stories I could tell you about THAT guy!!! another guy you folks should be watching out for there is Eric Heuschele. Oh yeah, here's another story for you...the night before the clash played that show with the standbys, they came to an after-prom show that we played with the paladins at...I'm thinking La Jolla (?)...I remember I had a broken foot (my main toe-bone came up through the top of my foot, during an on-stage flip in Arizona...had to spend 5 days in the hospital on that one, and wait for swelling to go down, so they could re-break and re-set it)...anyways, I remember doing the show in pajamas and a cane, which strummer and company kept stealing during our I loved the clash...also, after all these years, I actually have had some contact with the world famous lou skum from the injections... Ah, San Diego I still love and hate you from the bottom of my little punk rock heart. Gary Heffern
— October 9, 2008 3:31 a.m.

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