The Ugly Trailer Park Across the Water

In response to jelula , who questioned that the City has some obligation to the tenants regarding the impact of their being forced to move… CA State Code Section 65863.7 (i)This section is applicable when the … change of use is the result of a decision by a local governmental entity … In this case, the local governmental agency is the person proposing the change in use … and is required to take steps to mitigate the adverse impact of the change as may be required in subdivision (e). And, jelula, you also might be interested to know that the tenant impact report required by CA State Code Section 65863.7 (a) (“Prior to the conversion of a mobilehome park to another use, … the person or entity proposing the change in use shall file a report on the impact of the conversion, closure, or cessation of use upon the displaced residents of the mobilehome park to be converted or closed.”) has still not been completed – even after the Judge ruled back in 2008 that the City must prepare one. We have been waiting three years for them to bother to get around to doing it. One might ask why? They are so determined to get rid of us, yet the City fails to do the one thing that keeps us from getting the suit settled and our moving on. Could it be because the hotel deal the City had planned fell through when the economy went south so now they want the income from our rent? And I might add, that if you think that you will ever get OUR PUBLIC PARKLAND back, don’t fool yourself. It will be public only insofar as you might be allowed to walk on the grounds of the hotel, eat at their expensive restaurant or play golf on their luxury golf course.
— September 23, 2011 9:19 p.m.

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