The Emo Chromosome

Listen, I am a local musician. I have met these people who work for 94/9. What FM 94/9 is all about is giving good music a chance to get out there, not sticking to any one genre and listening to what people have to say. I guarantee that Garret Michaels didn't just form his opinion based on what other people have said in the past about emo music. He has most likely sat down and gave a real listen to tracks by these artists. He probably genuinely believes that the quality of the emo image and sound is questionable. What he is tired of, as he explains, is the fact that their songs' subject matters are centered around self-deprication and forced depression to fit into a category that has been mass-deemed 'EMO'. He is not saying all people who wear tight jeans are emo, nor are all people who have wavy bangs. But it's true that emo bands mostly define themselves by the clothes and hairstyles they wear, which really does suck. FM 94/9 wants to get back to real music, with real efforts, without a clouded image. FM 94/9 is possibly the MOST diverse radio station there is. I had the honor of being a part of the Coup D'Etat once, where they let the participant play whatever they love. THAT is community, THAT is open-mindedness. They let me play freaking Joanna Newsom and Jaco and Jon Brion, ON THE RADIO. The DJs at 94/9 are not 40+ men who just pick whatever. If you ever take the time to listen, they are all devoted community members who have a lifetime of involvement in music. They each have their own style, but they ultimately let the listeners decide because they have realize what people like and it's not emo music, what they like is to be heard. Best part is, they have a sense of humor. 'Emo Sucks'? It's a joke. Ha ha.
— September 23, 2008 7:28 p.m.

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