PechaKucha: Where You Have 6 Minutes + 40 Seconds to Explain Yourself

I'm sorry some felt my presentation at PechaKucha was condescending or self promoting. My intention was in no way to drum up business, but was simply to present a concept that I thought would be helpful: the importance of building an online presence. My slides were meant to demonstrate that through telling my personal story of online branding… the message being - be passionate about what you do, get involved in your local community, and your brand will build from there. Welcome to take a peek at http://slidesha.re/hhSZs9 Clearly I was not able to convey that message in 6 minutes, which perhaps means I’m a bad presenter… so be it. I was sort of thrown into the line-up last minute and was unsure what content would be valuable to the community. Obviously I should have attended an event before agreeing to present. Perhaps I might be invited back some day (doubt it) to present on a project I’m also passionate about… http://www.ArtMeetsFashion.org.
— January 14, 2011 7:14 a.m.

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