Sweetwater school district resolves boundary issue

It would have been a good idea to have instituted some official policies regarding changing the "institutional culture" within Sweetwater when Ed Brand left for the second time. I think there needs to be some retraining of administration, so that policies are ethical, make sense, and follow the law. We have wanted to get the Mello-Roos funds straightened out for quite some time. There still needs to be a forensic audit--because while it was claimed that there was an effort to straighten things out, I haven't heard anything more about it. Decades of fiscal abuse and no one is responsible? I know there are many good people at work in Sweetwater, so there is really NO EXCUSE for the wrong-headed decision-making that still takes place. Who in their right mind would think that people who have been paying hundreds of dollars per year (some more than that) would think it would be ok to send their children to schools that were not the ones they had paid for? And Visduh, you raise some excellent points. About those previous bond issues: the Bond Oversight Committee has worked very hard to find out how and where the money is being spent, and they are still not getting 100% cooperation. Why is that? Lots of change orders, I have heard. Just who is in charge? Which is why I say, vote no on any bond issues for education until there are measures in place to track where every dime goes. The public should be able to see a monthly tally of Mello-Roos funds, and all bond funds collected and used. This should not be a big mystery. Who is benefitting? Bonita Vista High School had rats in the gymnasium a couple of years ago, so I was told. The decision-making on how the construction funds are spent just does not look like it has been done in the best manner for the school district and the students. We need to find out where the money went before we are going to pony up one more time. So yes, 99% of the kids who want to go to the schools their parents paid for will get to go to them. Not good enough. This is shameful.
— October 29, 2016 6:01 p.m.

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