Smoking or Non?

Its funny how this review got so much attention,I don't understand though why Naomi and her loyal followers have to make fun of all the comments from this review that Naomi brought to us. I think its great Naomi that you have your loyal fans, as well as House of BBQ has their loyal customers ,You don't have to justify yourself to every comment. Remember you write many columns and restaurant reviews to get a reaction from your audience, I think your a great writer and you bring to us in the reader many good stories to read,I believe that this last restaurant review you did was just hurtful and mean, maybe you had a bad experience at HOB, I believe your getting all this response because It was the way you attacked this restaurant. We are only giving our review on this restaurant after reading your review and then you attack us and say: That said, henceforth I'm leaving the comments section of this particular review to the great battle (Armageddon? Ragnarok? at the least, Agincourt?) between literate regular readers who are arguing above all for rational discourse and are shocked (shocked!) at the tone of these posts, and the vituperative new mis-spellers and hate-mailers, who are apparently following the mad rules of argument that our mass media have taught them -- I mean Limbaugh, Gingrich, Coulter, Fox News, et al, plus their fave semi-literate governor who nearly came to a heartbeat away from the red button, Sarah Palin. This reminds me of those of her rallies where shouts went out calling for Obama's assassination. This is not the way rational people debate, folks! Our country is actually owned and run by vast corporations, even with Obama titularly at the head of it. Tweets, twitters, texting are the latest toys to keep the people from actually expressing their helplessness and taking steps against it. In Karl Marx's day, he said, "religion is the opiate of the masses." Today, unfocused fury is the methedrine of the masses. And you can even find it in a plate of BBQ. I understand what is going on in this world, My son is in South Baghdad for our country, I watch CNN everyday like it's my bible. But we are only responding to a review you wrote Also I want to add that I Make over 90 thousand a year I own my own business
— June 16, 2009 11:38 p.m.

Smoking or Non?

To all the the people who left their reviews for their favorite BBQ place 5 stars to you. To the comments about all the misspelled words and wrong grammar, OMG this is a debate about "Q" people. Who spells anything correct now a days with texting. So you know, HA HA there will be a lot of misspelled words and messed up grammar from me and IDGAF.we are not in school, and this is about BBQ. Naomi let me start with The House of BBQ Review, You started off from the beginning to end very mean, Everyone has different opinions on BBQ, You like it smoked till its blackened and burned, a lot of us who are leaving you our comments today, like it broiled then cooked on the grill were it falls of the bone, I had it at Frankie the Bull, OMG yes it fell off the bone, but the bone also fell apart, YUK. When I bit in the rib I bit in the bone also, I wanted to throw up, But to each it's own.If thats what smoked is then Not for me. I was dissatisfied with Frankie the Bull, You loved it. So right here you can tell we have different views on BBQ. Don't hate the public for standing up for their favorite BBQ place, Give them 2 thumbs up. You have your thoughts on how BBQ is suppose to be made, and your readers have theirs, I think what got them going is how mean you were on House Of BBQ, You slandered them from A to Z and Mission Hills We stand up for are Restaurants, You got yourself in a battle, I love Phil's and House Of BBQ aka Chicago BBQ People you can go with Naomi reviews or just try it for yourself, BUT the pulled pork sandwich is out of this world, FLAVOR... TENDER... YUMMY.. I'm craving it now, I'll be there tomorrow w my family... Don't want to wait in Phil's line, go to House Of BBQ, they are just as good, I love them the same. Keep the support of your BBQ people, leave your comments, weather your for Lil Piggie, Frankie Or Chicago, 2 Thumbs up..
— June 14, 2009 1:30 a.m.

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