Booze Ban Driving Homeless Inland?

LOVETHEBOOZEBAN, WOW... a punk? an idiot? a hooligan? Can you please give me some insight on what makes a person any of these things and particularly what makes me any of these things... So I am assuming that you are the kind of guy that tries to convert other people to his religion, the kind of guy who wants anything you deem "inappropriate" off the TV, the kind of guy who thinks they know what is best for everyone... yes - YOU ARE THAT GUY... instead of YOU monitoring what your kids are exposed to - you'd rather society do it for you... your that lazy guy making 50K a year, working 40 hours (but only actually working 15 of those) who expects the government and others to alter their lives so not to expose your children to anything you don't like.. THAT GUY...too lazy to monitor and regulate what your own children are exposed too - so just punish everyone else instead... we should all live to make you happy For you to say I am any of those things through that little message is... well it is ignorant.... I am a 28 Y/O COO of multi million dollar company...nothing close to a "punk, idiot, or hooligan" I can assure you that I pay my fair share of taxes, and I can also assure you I am not arrogant enough to call any public space MINE... why - because public spaces are just that - PUBLIC... and people like you think everything should be all or nothing.. compromise is a foreign term to you... I would love to hear your explanation of why we could not have some area's designated as alcohol free, and other's not... (I guess it is because as long as your happy, screw everyone else...) why do you think I have to make sacrifices for YOUR KIDS - you had them, you make the sacrifices! I am in full agreement that drunk idiots running around the beach is NOT a good thing, but these are things that can be controlled... the beaches went from everything goes - to nothing goes... opposed to taken steps to determine what regulations will create the desired effect EVERYONE would be happy with... Your just a bitter old JOKE... Keep up the GREAT parenting you loser
— July 1, 2008 1:38 p.m.

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