Mexico increases minimum wage for 2013

Javajoe25, You're right in one way, that many are tempted or are actually led into illicit activities because of the low wages that do not afford a person, the ability to survive at any level of comfort. Having said that, most Mexican people and their families are extremely "thrifty", if that is the correct word...but nevertheless, they have found many ways to overcome these obstacles in their lives. Sure, they, like most people in the world, always dream of better times and higher levels of life, which many acquire...and many unfortunately, do not... Food for instance, like in Tijuana, right across the border from me in San Diego is relatively cheap and available in abundance but many people can not afford what we here in the USA call, "three squares" and have to resort to having less and in many cases, survive on one meal a day...then after that meal, they basically have very little if anything left over for anything else... Having said that, one thing we should never do, IMHO, is to compare countries using monetary comparisons should be based on the quality of life (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Education, Health, etc.) based on how far that country's citizens wages will stretch for them... Lets face it...if I could magically receive for instance, the average monthly wages for Southern California and live/work in Mexico and be able to be accepted as a local resident and pay the "local" prices, rather than be grouched because I am a visitor...I could live like a "King" an actual "Palace"...and many foreigners do exactly that and are living the "good life" down there... That holds true for many poorer countries in the world... Just my two cents...
— February 4, 2013 5:59 a.m.

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