Carmel Valley Planning Group to Discuss One Paseo Mixed-Use Project

Actually, the unpaid and self recruited volunteers who oppose this development as it is currently proposed have collected 1560 signatures in opposition, and our online petition has 733 signatures so far (https://www.change.org/petitions/san-diego-stop...). At last nights meeting, the Carmel Valley Planning Board pointed out the misinformation and wolf in sheep's clothing* nature of Kilroy's proposed development, and asked Kilroy to offer a scaled down, reduced density option to the community. I commend the Planning Board member who point blank asked Kilroy's representative, "I know you all have to make a certain amount of money here; how big does this development have to be for you all to make enough?" Because that's what's really at stake here--maximum profit for a multibillion dollar corporation, not "a vision inspired by the community." There were several hundred attendees at the meeting last night. The Chair asked supporters to stand, then opponents, and roughly 80% of those in the audience were opposed. In our experience gathering signatures, 99% of those we speak to do not support this project as it is proposed once they see the actual details as provided in the Draft Environmental Impact Plan, rather than the very expensive and beautiful brochures and lobbying products sent into our community by the developer and their PR firm. *see http://www.whatpricemainstreet.com/2012-05/one-... for example. Or consider the pretty language Kilroy uses about sustainability, while proposing the densest development in San Diego in a location that has ZERO public transit, nor will have any until 2035 (one bus).
— May 25, 2012 9:39 a.m.

Councilmember Sherri Lightner's Campaign Receives Thousands From One Paseo Developer

Marcela Escobar-Eck is also on the Board of Directors of Move San Diego, which gave Kilroy a "Smart Growth" award for One Paseo, arguing that this level of density is sustainable due to a single bus line in the 2050 SANDAG transportation plan (see the DEIR's for the project at whatpricemainstreet.com). Btw, this project project includes 600 condos, 8 and 10-story office buildings, a 3 to 7 level parking structure, a 150 room hotel, retail area comparable to what's already in Del Mar Highlands Shopping Center, and a tiny pocket of heavily advertised (you even include the Davies Public Affairs rendering above, which was in a pricey booklet mailed to every Carmel Valley resident in 2010) community space in the 23-acre lot at the corner or Del Mar Heights and El Camino Real. That’s a lot—2 million square feet of development—to fit into approximately the same acreage as Carmel Valley Middle School or the CV Rec Center. One Paseo, by Kilroy’s own estimate will add 27,000+ additional cars per day to the neighborhood. Anyone who already suffers through the I-5 merge or Hwy 56 during peak traffic should be paying attention to this project; if it goes forward, both of these will become much, much worse.
— May 2, 2012 10:24 p.m.

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