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RE: Fun! Things to do June 6 2019, "Cedar Creek Falls". You need WRITTEN PERMISSION to visit Cedar Creek Falls - a problem the government created themselves. I moved here in the late '70s and for many, many years you could drive, hike, camp, swim, and target shoot there. You drove your sedan up Magnolia Avenue to Black Canyon Road, past Black Canyon Campground (info & directions were published in the "Camper's Guide to San Diego County Campgrounds"), and right up to the base of the Cedar Creek Falls trail for the short walk. If you got thirsty or hurt or needed help, you just walked or drove out and anyone around would gladly give you aid and assistance. We preferred to stay at the campground, and always took out any trash and broken glass from the creek first so that others could safely enjoy it. We took home our spent rounds and paper targets after shooting and always put out our campfires. We took personal pride in the area and took care of it. Ramona area land officials in government chose the influx of development over the need to maintain their resources for the public enjoyment: They stripped out the campground,then put up locked gates on all the "truck trails" and "fire roads" that were always open to the public in the past, using every excuse they could come up with. Finally, they forbade all forms of target shooting and began requiring permits just to enter. So when they say permits are required for hiking there due to difficult access, summer heat, injuries and overuse, understand that they have only themselves to blame for a problem THEY CREATED. C. Ross Poway, CA
— June 17, 2019 5:51 p.m.

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