Hillcrest hashes high-rise housing heights

The City’s Master Plan says that we should have more housing near Village Centers like Hillcrest so that people can walk to work, stores, restaurants and public bus stops. The problem is that some people who live in Hillcrest and Uptown now don’t want more people to live here. The City did what they asked and lowered building heights below what already exists on an “interim” basis until the new plan is approved; and lowered densities below what is currently legal. Wonderful tall buildings like the one in the photo would not be allowed with the new regulations. Here is a link to the City’s website for Uptown with the presentation that they gave at an Uptown Planners meeting on Feb. 2nd. Just look at the maps and you’ll see what is legal now and what is actually being proposed in the future; and why people who are concerned about the environment and affordable housing think this is crazy. Remember your economics class? The cost to buy or rent is all a matter of supply and demand. If the City reduces the supply of housing in Uptown but people want live here, the cost of housing will go up. Perhaps it would be easier to understand if I said housing is like musical chairs. If there aren’t enough chairs, people with less money loose out. Allow more chairs to be made, even expensive chairs, and the average chair won’t cost as much, and fewer people will be without chairs. This is all supply and demand.
— February 10, 2016 11:19 p.m.

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