The Dark Knight clocks in

First, a word about Duncan in general. When I visited San Diego nine or ten years ago and first picked up a Reader, I was impressed with the whole paper and especially by the movie reviewer. Not only that, but also included in that issue was a compendium of synopses of his past reviews, all very informative even in their shortened form, and all very amusing as well. I picked up a half-dozen copies to take home to Boston. In the two weeks I spend in San Diego each year, I always make sure to find at least three issues. Then, I discovered Duncan Shepard on line. And today, I can speak! While I am aware that around San Diego he is sometimes thought to be "Too picky.", "Too, oh I don't know, intellectual?", "Too biased against successful movies." and so forth, he rapidly became my reference standard for all movie critics. In fact, let me second a comment I saw above: "Shepherd approaches his reviews as a writer as well as a critic. His opinion is not the final point of his message." Exactly. Plus, his list of four-star movies became my guide for future viewing. Not that I always agree, either. Of Hellboy he wrote, "A jokey comic-book adaptation with delusions of grandeur." "A great good time had I, twice" I would reply. And I plan on getting the Blu-ray. So there! In conclusion, another comment above works for me: "You should not come to a review to be told what you want to hear. You read a review to have your opinion rivaled, to be intrigued or deterred by the movie in question — to learn... Fools do not want to be challenged."
— July 28, 2008 8:05 a.m.

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