Bad service in San Diego

I am never shy about telling the management when I have inferior service. Recently I had a Living Social Deal and the waitress was clueless how to apply it. They were also having a special that night and she couldn't figure out the restrictions on the special either. So after some discussion, she told me that I could use the L.S. Deal and get a discount on drinks. I was surprised but very pleased. Well, things didn't quite turn out that way. She came back at the end of the meal and told me that she had made a mistake. She must have said "Sorry" at least ten times. Finally, she brought the manager over. To my amazement, the manager was as clueless as she was. She also apologized many times but said there was nothing she could do. HUH? YOU'RE THE MANAGER! My husband made an analogy about going to Home Depot, seeing a price on a tool, bringing it to the register and it ringing up a higher price. Even H.D. will honor the advertised price. She dismissed the analogy as not relevant, which really infuriated him and finally I asked for corporate's information. After the manager went to get me a card, people around us said that they totally agreed with us and couldn't believe that the manager wouldn't just give us the discount. Jeez, we're talking about 4 dollars!!!! So, I contacted corporate by email, got a phone call back and he was so nice and really couldn't believe that the manager was so uninformed about how to handle the situation. He sent me a $25.00 gift certificate to be used on my next visit. So - my advice - don't be shy about speaking your mind. You should get good service, it is not the exception. And when a server says "No Problem" tell him or her that it shouldn't be a problem to do your job! But it may be a "problem" for me to leave a tip. :(
— June 21, 2013 7:21 p.m.

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