Upside Down in the Crescent City

Well, it appears that there is a whole lotta’ rhetoric going on in response to the restaurant review of the Indigo by Ms. Wise. Without going into a whole spiel about racism and discrimination etc., that is showing up in the responses to the review, the point needs to be made that our world has become an appalling place when individuals cannot even express themselves due to these factors. We cannot speak because we may say something politically incorrect according to governmental and societally enforced guidelines, laws, and mores! How ridiculous and very much against our constitutional right of freedom of speech and press. Ms. Wise was not happy with her experience at this particular restaurant. It did not meet her standards. Ms. Wise has a right to express that and the rest of the world needs to get over it! Some of the responses sound like a group of immature spoiled ‘brats’…opps, am I being politically incorrect or stereotypical or discriminatory or racists here…?! I thoroughly enjoy the reviews of Ms. Wise. The reviews are interesting, humorous, factual, and knowledgeable. It must be stated that if some individuals cannot handle playing with the Big Dogs in the real world, this writer’s suggestion is that he or she just fold it up, go home, and hide under your bed! It is a shame that the Indigo did not receive a more positive review. Rather than quibbling about it and slinging mud, why not take a lesson from it and make positive changes to improve.
— May 8, 2010 10:38 a.m.

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