Mayor Filner accused of caving to "NIMBY" concerns. Stops construction on University Ave

Filner’s involvement has absolutely nothing to do with the “University Avenue Mobility Plan,” resident concern about the plan in 2010, the plan or project’s implementation, or what Walter Chambers, former architect, founder, and “Acting Director” of “Great Streets San Diego,” (whatever that is and whatever it supposedly does) thinks about what Filner is doing. It’s entirely about why whatever entity is responsible for the commencement of major construction failed to inform residents and business owners who were directly affected by the construction, as was previously required wherever and whenever major construction occurs in a highly populated area like University Avenue and Alabama Street in North Park. It is not a "David and Goliath" battle. In fact, this guy Chambers also wrote, “in what is admittedly a blunder by The City (sic), residents, businesses, and public figures were not notified about the commencement of construction on this small section of the UAMP. Understandably, those affected were upset about the construction mess and traffic congestion created by the poorly implemented construction. Many complained to Filner and Councilmember Gloria. Why no notice? In order to receive funding for the project, the project had to begin in 2012, or funding would have been lost. Hence the rush to construction.” Why no notice? The City no longer requires notice. And, a “rush to construction” is a lame excuse for not sending out a letter or a flyer or some sort of notification about major construction directly affecting businesses and residents, not to mention people who go to North Park to frequent the restaurants and shops – is going to take place. This tempest in a teapot was created about a project that will provide pedestrian friendly, bicycle friendly, transit oriented streets, which North Park business owners and residents support and what the University Avenue Mobility Plan (UAMP) is supposed to create. Get your facts straight before you start casting aspersions. The Mayor is on your side. He simply wants the folks directly affected by the commencement of construction to learn about it before they run into it (or it runs into them).
— December 22, 2012 12:13 p.m.

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