Battle on the Beach

-cheance adair- head coach for San Diego Outrigger, head coach for Team Survivor San Diego Dragonboat Team; assistant coach to CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation)’s Operation Rebound – a continuing effort to give disabled vets, and first responders (firefighters, police, etc) an opportunity to paddle and eventually race outrigger canoes. I’d love to respond to this blog, as Im sure many of our contingency would. We feel that a united front will best serve our purposes, and while you may not hear from all of us on this blog, note that there are many with fingers poised over the keyboard waiting for the green-light. We aren’t interested in waging “war” or taking any “strikes” to the opposition, as many of us feel that there should be no such thing. The consultants and developers have spent, as stated, hundreds of dollars reworking the development plan to appease a user group that cries the loudest. I wonder how Council will justify a decision to spend more money to research that which already has been exhaustively researched. And how will city tax payers and park users, and visitors to San Diego, who come here to use beach access facilities, feel when they find out that City Council has sided with dog owners and have usurped beach-use property from youth groups, cancer survivor groups, and challenged athletes? Our user group is not limited to those who already own personal paddle craft, or to pre-existing outrigger or paddling clubs. Our goal, our hope is to expand paddling opportunities beyond those limits. Those limits are pressed upon us due to the constraint of available, safe and user-friendly venues, such a venue would be provided under the current redevelopment plan. I use Fiesta Island every weekend to paddle with the cancer survivor women, and to walk my dog. I fully believe, as should everyone, that there is plenty of land available to share.
— February 5, 2009 7:33 p.m.

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