Dark Cloud

My name is Chance Hurteau (the last name that you printed was way off). I am the artist that was thrown for my benefit at the Ruby Room (who charged no fee for using their awesome esttablishment to help raise money for my medicle bills. Reading the review and commentary by Ken Lieghton portrays the events in such a bad and flalse night that I find it insulting. I am not going to comment on Kellys story of what went on. That is between the journalist and her, but I am going to set some information straight. I have stage 4 cancer that has spread to my liver and bones. Without me even being aware of the fact James Vincent (from Inkspot in Pacific Beach), Genghis (also from Inkspot) and Scott from Ruby Room took it upon themselves to organize this benefit on my behalf. They busted there ass's for months, gathering well over 60 pieces of origianal gorgous donated artwork from artists like Aaronn Della Vedova from Guru, Tanya from Avalon, Mike Sirot, genghis from Inkspot, Tim Lees from Propogands, the boys at SideshowTattoo, the list goes on and on. Andrea Going Framed all the artwork for the auction with money out of her own pocket. The turn out was incredible. To say the least, this even touched my heart. The amount of freinds and family (these friends actually belong in my family catagory) came outta the wood works. They were there showing love and doing whatever they could do to help me. Even the Ruby Room through in the elbow grease to make things happen. In my opinion, this story is so blown out of proportion. I cant comment on what happened because I wasnt there. But I can comment on what I saw for the brief time I was able to check it out (unfortunatly I just got done with a Chemo session and didnt have the strength to stay. The amount of money that the people I am proud to call friends had donated was in the thousands. Being out of work at the moment, the money they raised helped me with meds I couldnt afford; food; bills; perscriptions; and additional chemo meds they wanted to start me on. I am grateful for everything these people have done. More than they could ever know. I dont think a little squirmish is worth turning such a chairitable event into appearing ugly and under a dark cloud. I just want the facts straight....the people there at the Ruby Room hosted (without charge) an event that made a differance in someone life as well as all those that I call friend that had attended this event all had made a differance in my life for the better....litterally. So lets give credit where credit is due. I love them all for what they have done and when I slay this cancers ass...Im throwing and event for them in gratitude. Thank you all who helped me when help was running low on gas!!!!!
— May 30, 2012 7:29 p.m.

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